CIGRE Session 2022

Complimenten aan de schrijvers! Tijdens de CIGRE Session 2022 worden 23 ingediende papers van Stichting CIGRE Nederland gepresenteerd.

A3Recent HVDC Circuit Breaker Development and TestingN. A. BELDA, R. P. P. SMEETS, H. ITO, S. TOKOYODA, T. INAGAKI , S. NEE, T. MODEER , S. MEBREHATU, A. HASSANPOOR , C. PLET
B1Failure root cause analysis and prevention of subsea cable failures in a joint industry project (JIP CALM)T.P. Du Plessis, D. Saha, M. Kavian, F.H. de Wild, P.C.J.M. v.d. Wielen, N. Bruinsma, A.P. Luijendijk, T.J. Roetert, N.G. Jacobsen, F. J. Savenije, E. Wiggelinkhuizen, J. Jayakumar, M. J. Van der Hoek, H. de Bruin
B1Practical experience and modelling of the corrosion behaviour of the Aluminium metallic cable sheathRoy Zuijderduin, Ranjan Bhuyan, Jacco Smit, Ralph Bosch, Hans Bastings, Jos van Rossum
B2Full Scale Test of the 400 kV double circuit pylons (Wintrack type III)J. Spithoven, J. Verduijn, M.R. Shah Mohammadi, T.J. Ploeg, E. Platenkamp
B2How to increase Resilience by assessment based on study case 400 kV Overhead Line Stevin – Horta in BelgiumP. SMET; B. RISSE, T.J. PLOEG, E. PLATENKAMP
B2Safe Management of Work in High-Voltage Overhead Lines in The NetherlandsJ.R. MEIJERS . S. GELDERBLOM
B5Testing and Analyzing of Distance Protection of a Realistic Offshore Wind Farm Transmission SystemKASPER DE KORTE, GERWIN VAN DIJK, YILMAZ YELGIN,
B5System accuracy evaluation of metering application based on optical current Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPIT) and IEC 61850 SV static energy metersTANNEMAAT, E. SCHENKEL, G. RIETVELD, A. GALLASTEGI, M. ACHTERKAMP
C1Compatibility & interoperability framework to facilitate the step-wise organic development of multi-terminal HVDC gridsC.A. PLET, D. VAN HERTEM, C. BRANTL, M. WANG, H. EVANS, J.N. MOORE, C.T. NIEUWENHOUT, A. ARMENI
C1The Gridmaster-toolbox, a step towards a new infrastructure investment paradigmCALON, R., COUWENBERG, S. P., KWAKKEL, J., NIKOLIC, I., STERINGA, J. J., VALIES, M. G.
C2Synchrophasor-based Applications to Enhance Electrical System Performance in the NetherlandsM. POPOV, N. KUMAR, A. BORICIC, J. RUEDA, M. TEALANE, I. TYURYUKANOV, M. NAGLIC, A. JONGEPIER, E. WIERENGA, M. VAN RIET, O. BAGLAYBTER, D. KLAAR
C2Developing a configurable Inverter Based FFR solution and field testing on a grid-connected storage assetV.N. SEWDIEN, J. KLUNDER, D. BECKER HOFF
C2Potential and challenges of AI-powered decision support
for short-term system operations
J.P. Viebahn, M. Naglic ,A. Marot, B. Donnot , S.H. Tindemans
C2Transition to a new regional coordination frameworkD. WEIß, U. ZIMMERMANN, J.-F. GAHUNGU, J. VAN ROOST, J. MØLLER BIRKEBÆK, T. KAPETANOVIC, R. PAPROCKI , D. KLAAR
C2State Estimation in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks using Pseudo-MeasurementsN SAI SUPRABHATH, ANTON ISHCHENKO, SIMON TINDEMANS, PETER PALENSKY
C4Integration of Photovoltaic (PV) plants into the railway electricity network of the Netherlands: Impact on the operation of the railway network and grid code compliance assessment.M. POIKILIDIS, R. HEUCKELBACH, T. PLOEG, F. TEN HARVE, G. OLDE MONNIKHOF
C4Impacts of Energy Transition on Voltage Dips in Future Networks: An Analysis for the Dutch GridR. Torkzadeh, J. B. M. van Waes, G. Mulder, V. Ćuk1, J. F. G. Cobben
C4Analysis of measurements and calculations on tower footing impedances in transmission linesI. TANNEMAAT, C.S. ENGELBRECHT, B. KÜCHLER
C4Sympathetic Interaction Phenomena in an AC Offshore Grid: An Investigation Analysis of a C-Type Harmonic Filter Trip Incident & Lessons LearnedK. VELITSIKAKIS, M. LIMPENS, M. KRANSSE, C. ENGELBRECHT
C5Are imbalance price incentives to Balance Responsible Parties effective in a system with higher volatile RES integration?F. Nobel, M. Fransen
D2A Blueprint for Cyber Security of Brownfield Substations in Power Systems using IEC 62443Vetrivel S. Rajkumar, Shyam Musunuri, Alexandru Stefanov, Siem Bruijns,
Johan de Wit, Danny Klaar, Amadou Louh, Arnaud Thoen, Peter Palensky
D2Seamless extension of fibre optical IP/MPLS network with 5G technology Releases allowing Business service segregation, Precision time synchronization and Critical teleprotection services in Utility distribution networksAmadou Louh, Shuang Zhang, Andrej Goerbing, Joey Godefrooi, Andreas Jahr