CIGRE Session 2020 & Centennial Session 2021

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic CIGRE has postponed its 2020 signature Paris event to 2021. In the interim a unique digital e-session will run in 2020. To follow is a set of questions and answers to bring clarity to our community and supporters. It outlines how it all works and the unique opportunity to participate in both events for one cost.

CIGRE will use online technology to run the 2020 e-session. How will this work?
The CIGRE e-session will be delivered using the CIGRE Academy webinar technology and run over nine days from Monday 24 August, to Thursday 3 September, 2020. View More

When and where will the detailed programme appear for the 2020 e-session?
A provisional programme will be released as soon as possible and followed by the finalised programme in mid-May. These will be available on Communications via CIGRE’s newsletters and social channels will announce the release.

What are the dates for the 2021 Centennial Session?
The 2021 Centennial Session will start on the Friday August 20th (instead of the usual Monday), and will end on Wednesday August 25th. The Technical Exhibition will take place from Saturday August 21st to Wednesday August 25th.

What will be the format of 2021 Centennial Session?
The Centennial Session will be CIGRE’s 48th full Session and it will have all of the usual compelling events, knowledge sharing, celebrations and our world leading industry exhibition. It will bring a particular focus on our centennial celebration and explore aspects of our renowned history. View More

What about the 2022 Session – will that go ahead as scheduled?
Yes, the 2022 Session will proceed as scheduled. CIGRE considered swapping to odd years from 2021 on. However there were many practical reasons why this was not possible, ranging from venue logistics, availability and contracts; competing events; and our own technical two year cycle. View More