CIGRE survey gender diversity & inclusion (time: 10min.)

Dear CIGRE member,

Link: Survey

As in CIGRE gender diversity & inclusion will become more and more important we would like to hear your experiences and opinion about this topic in relation to Stichting CIGRE Nederland.

In this survey you will be asked more generally about yourself and what Stichting CIGRE Nederland means to you and how we can support you. The gender diversity & inclusion topic will focus on the need of a Women in Engineering’s Network (WiE) in Stichting CIGRE Nederland.

As you may know several countries have a successful Women in Engineering’s Network in place. Just have a look at the CIGRE UK website

Our survey will be sent both to our male and female members to include as much as possible your experiences around this topic and to get valuable insights for our next steps.
We aim to have these insights ready end of October, so your time and input would be much appreciated before 8 October. It won’t take longer than 10 minutes of your time. 

Thank you so much already!

Link: Survey

Kind regards, 
Diana van den Heuvel | Vice-president 
Stichting CIGRE Nederland