CIGRE Session 2020 en Stichting CIGRE Nederland

Complimenten aan de schrijvers! Tijdens de CIGRE Session 2020 worden 19 ingediende papers van Stichting CIGRE Nederland gepresenteerd. Download hier het programma van de CIGRE Session 2020.

A3Innovative T&D Switching Equipment and Development of its Testing TechnologyR.P.P SMEETS, A.B. HOFSTEE, R.M. NIJMAN, N.A. BELDA, B. BAUM
B1Statistics, experiences and learnings from failures in power cable systems during pq and type tests, tests after installation and service operationP. VAN DER WIELEN, H. VAN MAANEN, E. PULTRUM, E. STEENNIS
B3Pre-Qualification Testing of Digital SubstationsB. BAUM, M. ACHTERKAMP, T. HEID, M. DUC VO, S. MEIER, C. ZEHNDER, A. VUJANIC, M. YANIN, D. TESSIER, A. LATHOUWERS
B3A Novel Evaluation Method for the Integrity of Grounding Grids in High Voltage Substations Based on Magnetic Field MeasurementsM. MISRA, B. BHUYAN, K. VELITSIKAKIS, M. GHAFFARIAN NIASAR, P. VAESSEN
B3A fleet of digital substations at Alliander, a blessing after an intense learning curveM. VAN RIET, F. BALDINGER
B3TenneT’s giant leap to be able to replace 140 substations within next 10 year, while in service and coming from different lay-outsA. LATHOUWERS, P. JANSEN, E. DE MEULEMEESTER
B4Towards a deployment plan for a future European offshore grid: cost-benefit analysis of topologiesJ. MOORE, J. VAN UDEN, O. ANTOINE, P. HENNEAUX, K. KAROUI, F. RUDOLPH, H. VENNEGEERTS, S. POULLAIN, L. DE VRIES
B4Levelized Energy Cost Improvement through Concept Selection and Availability Optimization for the Norfolk Windfarms’ Export LinksC.A. PLET, M. HOFFMANN, W. EL-KHATIB, A. ALEFRAGKIS, M. KURRAT
C2TSO-DSO Cooperation in a System of SystemsG. DE JONG, M. LALLEMAND
C2New challenges in the evolving Transmission System Operator and Regional Security Coordinator businessDANNY KLAAR, M. NEUBAUER, U. ZIMMERMANN, J.-F. GAHUNGU, J. VAN ROOST, J. MØLLER BIRKEBÆK, T. KAPETANOVIC, R. PAPROCKI
C2-C6Objectives and setup of an aFRR-pilot in the Dutch electricity systemJ. FRUNT, J. DREWES
C3Integrating Natural Capital Assessment in the creation of substations Sustainable substation; from dream to reality Case description Substation de LaarbergJ. DEN HARTOG, P. OOSTERHOUT, E. GERRITSE, H. NOOTER, J. VAN DER BEEK
C4Impact of WTG converter impedance model on harmonic amplification factor of the Dutch 110 kV transmission network using a 383 MW wind farm case studyD. VREE, L. BELOQUI LARUMBE, Z. QIN, P. BRAUER, B.C. UMMELS
C4A Parametric Study Towards a Generic Mitigation Against Excessive Circuit Breaker TRVs in Series Reactor Applications in the NetherlandsK. VELITSIKAKIS, J. VAN WAES, I. TANNEMAAT, C. ENGELBRECHT, N. PAPAZACHAROPOULOS
C4Experimental Investigation of Ground Return Currents and Mutual Induction in Extruded CablesS. NAUTA, P. KROPMAN, F. PROVOOST, M. VAN RIET
C4The comparison of the different methods for the determination of the shielding failure rate of a transmission overhead lineI. TANNEMAAT, K. VELITSIKAKIS
C5Principles for allocation of cross-zonal capacities for the exchange of balancing capacity or sharing of reservesR. BEUNE, J. DE HAAN, T. HENRI, T. VEITH
D1A new partial discharge measuring system in HVGIS based on magnetic field antennasA. RODRIGO MOR, F. MUÑOZ- MUÑOZ, L.C. CASTRO-HEREDIA, A. NAYAK