Our Global Community

A collaborative global community sharing knowledge and expertise

CIGRE’s engine room is its global community. Across the world thousands of power system professionals are taking time out from their jobs in the industry and volunteering their time to collaboratively share their knowledge and experiences for the greater good of the industry. This unique community is underpinned by a global network of 59 CIGRE organisations referred to as the National Committees, or NCs. These on the ground organisations have an in-depth understanding of the local conditions in over 90 countries. NCs also nominate their best local talent for the 250+ Working Groups participating in CIGRE’s global knowledge programme. This wide geographic spread, combined with a variety of established experts, experienced practitioners and young professionals, enables CIGRE to offer the most diverse range of power system perspectives and experiences available from any organisation. CIGRE’s community of professionals give their time and energy with an authentic desire to draw upon, share and build technical expertise, ensuring that the knowledge needed to meet the challenges of the power system is accessible to everyone.

An open, diverse culture

CIGRE’s open, diverse culture offers a unique parallel career path towards excellence in a chosen power system field. CIGRE’s community attracts the very best and CIGRE’s prestigious Technical Council features some of the world’s leading power system experts. From problem solving to personal development, CIGRE members draw on this world class expertise at a fraction of its commercial cost.

The 59 CIGRE National Committees

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