Studiecomité C1

Rentabiliteits- en  systeemanalysemethoden voor de ontwikkeling van elektrische energiesystemen: meetmethoden en hulpmiddelen voor statische en dynamische analyse, onderwerpen aangaande planning en planningsmethodieken, strategieën betreffende het beheer van bedrijfsmiddelen.

Croes, Alan
Leden Nederlands studiecomité
In Nederland worden de onderwerpen van dit studiecomité behandeld door C0, het gecombineerde Nederlandse studiecomité van C1, C2, C5 en C6
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Overzicht werkgroepen bij C1 Ontwikkeling en rentabiliteit van elektrische energienetten

The future of reliability "Definition of reliability in light of new developments in various devices and services which offer customers and system operators new levels of flexibility
Startdatum: 1-10-2011
Contactpersoon: Bart Tuinema (B.W.Tuinema@tudelft.nl)
Risk Management and Information Processes for Asset Management in Electricity Transmision Companies for current and future power systems
Startdatum: 1-2-2010
Contactpersoon: Bob Okhuijsen, TenneT (bob.okhuijsen@tennet.eu)
What advanced components and technologies are needed and which are available or under development to meet future network development requirements? What are the limits on their use?
Startdatum: 1-9-2009
Contactpersoon: Kees Jansen, TenneT (kees.jansen@tennet.eu)
Tools for developing Optimum Network Development Plans
Startdatum: 1-9-2009
Contactpersoon: Alan Croes, TenneT (alan.croes@tennet.eu)
Transmission investment decision points and trees
Startdatum: 1-6-2009
New investment decision processes required to deal with changing economic drivers:
Startdatum: 1-6-2009
Contactpersoon: Bart Pluijms, TenneT (bart.pluijms@tennet.eu)
Accommodating high load growth and urban development in future plans
Startdatum: 1-6-2009
Review the drivers for transmission investment decisions and the role of technical planning criteria in transmission investment
Startdatum: 1-6-2009
Green field network, designing future networks ignoring existing constraints
Startdatum: 1-3-2009
Contactpersoon: Mart van der Meijden, TenneT (mart.vander.meijden@tennet.eu)